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What You Need To Know About Antlers For Dogs

What You Need To Know About Antlers For Dogs

Chewing is every dog’s favorite pastime. Some dogs may even chew on everything they come across which may not be healthy and safe. It is therefore necessary to provide your dog with the best chew that are beneficial to their health and well-being. Over the years, fallow deer antlers for dogs have proven to be among the best products that your dogs can safely chew on. As a beginner, one may have various concerns and questions about these antlers. The following are some of the addressed concerns.

Are antlers safe for dogs?

The answer is, yes. Your dogs can safely chew on antlers. You probably have heard that some treats can lead to major health risk for your dog such as deadly blockages in the digestive system. Antlers are considered safer because of the fact that they cannot easily splinter and are natural. They are also cruelty-free which is a major concern among many people in the recent days.

How long should one let the dog chew an antler?

When you dog gnaw at the antler, it aids in keeping the dog’s clean and white. Letting your dog chew the fallow deer antlers for at least thirty minutes per day has proven to greatly reduce teeth’s plague by about 70%.

Can puppies have antlers?

Antlers are known to be good treats for puppies most especially during their teething period. They help in in relieving discomfort which is caused by adult teeth coming through. The best choice are the large ones that cannot be swallowed yet small enough for the pup to chew effectively.

What can one do if the dog does not seem to like the antlers?

Antlers are non-smelly and non-greasy as compared to other types of treats. This may make them not as pleasing to some of the dogs. However, there are some of the ways that can help like purchasing fallow deer antlers which have been halved lengthways to expose the softer center. It makes it easier for the dog to reach the tastier section. It’s also recommended to sand an area of it or wet it with water to increase its appeal to the dog.

Yak chews for dogs are also among the best chews that your dog can enjoy. You do not want your dog to miss the benefits that comes with antlers and yak chews for the dogs.


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