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Why Deer Antlers Are the Best Chews for Dogs

Why Deer Antlers Are the Best Chews for Dogs

Are you looking for a long-lasting chew for your dog? There are a wide variety of dog chews in the market. However, not all of them are good for your dog. If you care about the health of your furry companion and want to ensure they not only have a great treat but also one that benefits their health, you can’t go wrong with reindeer antler for dogs.

They’re good for dental health

More than 80% of dogs begin to develop dental diseases when they are 3 years or older. Deer antler will help to improve your dog’s oral hygiene. When your dog chews on the antler, their teeth and gums rub against the hard material. This helps to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth and strengthen both the teeth and gums. The antlers act as a toothbrush.

These natural chews are a great choice if you want to avoid visits to the vet related to dental issues as they do not contain additives such as sugar. These additives, which are present in many of the chew sticks available in supermarkets, can cause dental issues instead of helping you avoid them.

They’re packed with nutrients

While deer antler may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dog treats, they’re easily one of the best natural dog treats available. These chews are completely natural. They consist of the antlers that male deer shed naturally every year. These antlers are packed with a variety of minerals including calcium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, Sulphur, magnesium and iron. These nutrients are essential for maintaining your dog’s bones and muscles. As your dog chews on the antler, they’ll be soaking up all that good stuff, which will keep them strong and healthy throughout their lifetime.

They’re long lasting

Deer antlers are similar in construction to bone. However, they are harder than normal bone. They therefore do not splinter or shatter. The antlers wear down gradually as the dog chews on them. They last much longer than many other types of chews. They are therefore a great option if you’re looking for something that your dog can enjoy for a long time. They’re virtually odor-free. That means that even if your furry friend chooses to hide their chew under the couch, you won’t have to deal with a stench.

Deer antler is without a doubt one of the best treats you can get for your dog.



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